9 Signs of Low Emotional Intelligence

Low emotional intelligence is a problem that can have an influence on a wide variety of social relationships. Some experts even suggest that emotional intelligence may actually be more important than IQ in determining overall success in life.

Think about the last time you got into an argument with someone else because they did not understand how you felt. Or consider the last time you had conflict with another person because you could not understand what they were feeling. In both cases, emotional intelligence might play a role in the underlying conflict.

Emotional intelligence can play a major role in how we interact with others.1 Sometimes coworkers, employers, friends, family members and other acquaintances might struggle with poor emotional skills that make social situations difficult and fraught with tension. In other cases, it might even be your own emotional intelligence skills that need a little work.

An individual’s level of emotional intelligence is often referred to as his or her emotional intelligence quotient, or EQ. Here are some of the classic signs of low emotional intelligence.


I hope you will be , if not thrilled, at least curious about human EQ that we read less often than we do about the IQ of the human mind. They are interrelated, anyway and as I understand, could be transformed , changed, improved in case it is on the low side of the scale.

Cristina David